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2x40MW GE Frame 6B GTGs

80MW 6B Power plant for sale. 2x40MW GE Frame 6B GTGs 50Hz. Dual Fuel DLE



This 80MW Power plant consists of 2 each 40MW GE Frame 6B (MS6001) Gas Turbine Generator Sets, Dual Fuel (Natural Gas and Fuel Oil), 50Hz. Dry Low Nox. Rated 42.1MW, heat rate 11,227 kJ/kWh. 5,163 RPM. 17 stage compressor. Unit 1, 93,000 hours, 890 starts, commissioned 1992, made by Kains Energie. Unit 2, 83,000 hours, 1,400 starts, commissioned 1996, made by GE.

Additional information

Gas Turbine Type

General Electric Frame

Gas Turbine Output

42.1 MW

Heat Rate

11,227 kJ/kwh

Pressure Ratio


Mass Flow

141.1 kg/sec

Turbine Speed

5,163 RPM

Type of Combustion System

Dual Fuel (GAS, Fuel Oil)

Turbine Speed Turbine

5,163 RPM

Exhaust Temperature

548 °C

Number of stages

17 Stages